Our range of forged Flowline putters offer the best in consistent feel and weight distribution that helps to maintain perfect speed.

Manufactured to DG specifications from forged 1020 carbon steel and CNC milled for exact performance each and every time. The face has been designed to promote ball roll off the face with the horizontal grooves and prevent the skidding that can happen.


The forged putters are created using a single piece, or billet, of steel. Heat still plays an important part in this process, but instead of heating the steel up until it is liquid to be poured into a mold, the billet of steel is heated up until it is malleable. Once it is hot enough, the billet is placed in a press where it is pressed out into the desired shape of the clubhead. Whereas cast irons are pretty well finished once they are set up in their mold, forged irons still have to undergo more work before they are ready to be shafted. A forged clubhead still needs to be buffed, ground, and detailed by hand to meet the exact specifications of the iron’s design. Forging is a much more personal and time-consuming process.


Forged irons are famous for being great-feeling golf clubs, as are our putters. They are made with softer steel that has more carbon in order to make them more workable, keeping the grain of the steel packed in tight. This is what gives forged putters that signature feel and feedback cited by the golfers who use and love them and why they prefer this construction. These putters are also works of art. 

Model I.jpg

Model I:

Based on the Ping Zing II for better arc control.

Lie: 72 degrees

Loft: 3.5 degrees

Weight: 373 grams

Choice of shaft length and grips.

Model X.jpg

Model X:

Designed around the successful Newport style for balance.

Lie: 70 degrees

Loft: 4.0 degrees

Weight: 355 grams

Choice of shaft length and grips.